Helpful Features For Side X Side Vehicles


Side x Side vehicles are tough and ready for whatever you have planned for your drive through a particular type of environment. These vehicles can be used for off-roading fun or worksite transportation, and the features you get on the Side x Side can make these trips easier and more comfortable. But what you get does rely on what you need the Side x Side for and what location you might be using it in.

Cargo and Passenger Space

Sometimes the use of a Side x Side is recreational, such as you and your buddy driving off-road through the desert. Other times, it's commercial, with the Side x Side allowing you and co-workers to access remote spots on a large property. You can get Side x Sides with different configurations for cargo and passenger space, such as vehicles that seat up to five or six people, or vehicles that have a cargo bay in the back.

Towing Capacity

If the Side x Side is used for work jobs, you may have to tow equipment and trailers over to job sites. While Side x Sides look small, many models are built with very good towing capacity. You might not be able to tow another car, but if you need to haul a trailer somewhere, you can do it. Have the numbers for the max towing capacity you need ready when you shop for the vehicle.

Ground Clearance

These vehicles are meant to be driven over rough terrain, so any Side x Side you get has to have tall ground clearance. This allows you to drive over features like rocks up to a certain height without damaging the vehicle. If you don't have good ground clearance, you'll find the routes you can take will be limited.

A Roof

Side x Sides usually have a rollover frame that is open on top. That gets uncomfortable on hot days and makes it almost impossible to go anywhere if rain appears. A very helpful feature to have is a simple roof, which you can get in materials like aluminum and plastic. Some are translucent, which will protect you from rain, while others are completely opaque and provide shade as well. The environments in which you drive the Side x Side will call for one or the other.

Kawasaki dealerships that sell Side x Sides and other vehicles can show you the features available for each model. You'll also have a degree of customization for some. 


10 March 2022

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