Three Benefits Of A Wide-Body Side-By-Side


One thing that you'll quickly notice when you visit a side-by-side dealer is that this type of utility and recreational vehicle is available in several different widths. There might be features that you're keen on considering before you decide what width of side-by-side is right for you, but you shouldn't overlook the value of checking out models with various widths. You'll see some vehicles that have wide bodies, and this style can be highly desirable. Here are three benefits of choosing a wide-body side-by-side.

Seating Capacity And Comfort

A wide-body side-by-side will typically offer more seating capacity than a narrower model. A lot of side-by-sides have two seats in the rear, but the models with wider bodies will often have three seats behind you. Whether you have a large family or you're planning outings with large groups of people, having the ability to carry additional passengers will come in handy. Even if you have just two rear passengers instead of three, they can leave the middle seat open and appreciate the comfort of the extra space that a wide-body model offers.


Wide-body side-by-sides can also feel more stable to drive, which can be appealing for people in all sorts of scenarios. Whereas narrow off-road vehicles can sometimes feel precarious when you're on uneven terrain or when you take a corner at a high rate of speed, you'll feel a lot more stable in a wide-body model. The increased width between the wheels will reduce the tipping feelings that you can sometimes face in a narrow off-road vehicle. This stability can help you and your passengers to feel safe when you travel.

Carrying Space

The extra width that you get when you buy a wide-body side-by-side also provides you with more carrying space. In general, you can expect that the cargo bed at the rear of your vehicle will have more square feet of space for carrying things than a side by side with a narrower body. Regardless of how you plan to use your vehicle, you'll appreciate the extra storage space. If you're using it for projects on your property, you'll be able to carry more materials per load. If you're taking the side by side camping or hunting, you'll have the benefit of taking more gear with you. Learn more about wide-body side-by-sides by visiting your local dealer's website or dropping in to assess some models.

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2 December 2021

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