Your Boat Needs A GPS System For Safe Navigation And Wayfinding


If you own a boat, you probably need a GPS system to help with navigation. GPS systems, like the Garmin GPSMAP 743, offer additional features as well that make your time on the water safe and enjoyable. Here's a look at some things a GPS system can do for you when you're on the water.

Show Your Location

A GPS system helps you navigate by using satellites to pinpoint your position on the water. Your location can be displayed by longitude and latitude numbers or on a digital map. Using a GPS system this way allows you to know where you are and know how to get where you're going. GPS systems come with water and coastal maps already loaded, and you can usually buy more maps if you need them.

Establish Waypoints

Waypoints are a method of marking spots in the water based on longitude and latitude. By marking a waypoint, you can create your own paths to fishing spots and around obstacles in the water. Waypoints allow you to easily go back to places you like without having any visible wayfinding markers above the water or on the land.

Support For Sonar

GPS systems don't need or rely on sonar, but some systems have built-in sonar support so you can add a transducer and see a digital display of what's below the water. This is a useful feature if you'll be in unfamiliar waters that have submerged obstacles so that you can navigate the waters safely.

Geofencing Capability

A GPS system allows you to set up a geofence. This can be used as an alarm system that monitors your anchor so you know if it moves out of place. A geofence also keeps your boat safe by allowing you to set up a perimeter alarm that warns you if your boat leaves the fenced area. This allows you to monitor the position of your boat even if you're far away.

Integration With Other Apps

Many GPS systems integrate with other free and paid apps so you can monitor your engine, keep tabs on your boat, communicate with other boaters, load maps, and track ships. The screen display is crisp, clear, and colorful, so it's easy to understand what you see and use it for safer boating. A marine GPS system is essential if you plan to go boating offshore where you can lose sight of land. You'll have more enjoyment and improved safety when you have a high-quality GPS system on board.


13 August 2021

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