Reasons To Choose A Fishing Boat With A Steering Wheel


If you want to buy a fishing boat, a popular choice is often an aluminum vessel with an outboard motor. These boats have a number of advantages, including their affordability. One decision to make is whether you'll choose a boat that you steer with the motor's tiller — commonly known as a "tiller steer boat" — or a boat that has a steering wheel. For many people, the latter option is a choice that is preferable. Here are some reasons to choose a fishing boat that is equipped with a steering wheel.

It's More Comfortable

When you control a fishing boat that you steer with the tiller, you'll find that you often need to contort your body to some degree. You need to look beyond the bow of the boat as you travel forward, but your hand will be on the tiller behind you. This means that you'll sometimes be sitting in a twisted position, which can be uncomfortable — especially during long fishing outings. A boat that has a steering wheel can offer more comfort for your body, as you'll be sitting facing forward. For those who have lower back problems, this increased comfort is especially important.

It Keeps Your Fishing Line Away From The Motor

While some anglers enjoy traveling to a fishing spot, dropping their anchor, and then fishing, others enjoy fishing while the boat is in motion. If you belong to the latter group, you may find that a boat with a steering wheel is better. While seated behind the steering wheel, it's easy to drop your line in the water and let it trail beside and behind the boat. Conversely, if you were to put a line in the water while seated at the rear of the tiller steer boat, the line could become entangled with the motor or the motor could get in your way when you attempt to cast.

It Will Typically Provide More Space

In general, you'll find that fishing boats that have steering wheels are more spacious than tiller steer boats. While small boats have some advantages, they can also be a little cramped. If you enjoy fishing with one or two other people and you have a lot of fishing gear that you want to carry for a day out on the water, a boat with a steering wheel will typically offer more space for people and equipment. Visit a local boat dealer to browse the selection of fishing boats for sale.


30 March 2021

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