Having Trouble Finding RV Dealers? Where To Look


You would think that when you sell something as big as an RV, and you sell LOTS of them, it would not be hard to find a dealership. However, that is a very realistic situation in some parts of this country. In other parts of the country, you cannot turn a corner without running into an RV dealership. It just depends on where you live. If you reside where it is difficult to find an RV dealership, here are some other places you can look that will help you get connected to an RV dealer and buy that dream RV you have always wanted.

Home and Garden Shows/Expos

While this is not often a regular hot spot of RV dealer activity, you are likely to find a few booths in these shows where RV sellers are showing off their wares. You can even walk into the sample RVs in the booths to see the inside features. Some may be tow-behind RVs, while others already have an attached truck in front, or be a sort of rock star van style of RV. Whatever is available at these shows will at least help you connect to some of the local sellers or sellers within fifty to one hundred miles of you. 

RV and Camping Shows

These yearly shows are definitely something you want to attend. They will have many more RVs and campers than a home and garden show, and you will be able to pick up the business cards and information on every dealer you could not find on your own. Better still, you can take self-guided tours of all of the RVs and campers at these shows, which will give you some really good ideas for what you want in your own RV. 

Talk to People at an RV Park

It is an unusual resource, but people camping at an RV park can tell you where they found RV dealers. If any of those dealers are near where you live (or at least in your state), then you can make plans to go see the RVs on those lots. If this seems like an awkward thing to do, pick an RV park that offers tent camping sites, and just go stay a weekend so that you can walk around and check out the RV sites and the RVs that are camping there. That way, striking up a conversation with those owners will not feel quite so awkward. 


31 July 2019

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