Extending The Life Of Your Motorcycle Apparel


Motorcycle apparel will have to be able to withstand some unique and particularly harsh conditions. While veteran riders may be experienced with caring for their motorcycle apparel, many new riders will struggle with providing these items of clothing with effective care.

Protect Leather From Sun Damage

Leather is one of the more commonly used materials in motorcycle apparel. This is understandable given the durability of leather, which can help it to better withstand the punishing conditions that are experienced while riding a motorcycle in addition to providing some protection for the rider. However, leather can be damaged by long hours of exposure to direct sunlight. Protecting leather against solar damage will require the application of a coating that can block the ultraviolet light before it reaches the leather. When you are not wearing these garments, they should also be stored in a dark location so that they will avoid unnecessary solar damage until you need to use them again.

Remove Dirt From The Surface Of Your Motorcycle Apparel

The garments that you are wearing while riding the motorcycle can become covered in dirt and dust. This is especially true when riding the motorcycle on rural roads, near construction sites or beaches. Dirt on the exterior of your motorcycle apparel can cause it to appear dull. However, it can also cause damage to some materials. One example of this will be leather developing small scratches as a result of the dust and dirt rubbing against it. After each time you wear these garments while riding, they should be dusted to remove these materials. For leather apparel, wiping it with a leather cleaning toilette can effectively remove these materials so that they do not cause damage.

Keep Your Helmet's Interior Sanitized

The helmet is easily among the most important pieces of motorcycle apparel that you can own as it will protect your head in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, your helmet can become fairly smelly due to absorbing sweat while you are wearing it. This can make wearing the helmet unpleasant, and it can also increase the risk of it causing skin problems, such as acne. Sanitizing the interior of your helmet on a regular basis will help to prevent these problems from developing. This is especially important during the hot times of the year as you can sweat far more. Luckily, most motorcycle helmets are designed to have their interior padding removed so that they will be far easier to clean.

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13 July 2019

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