Getting The Right Parts For Your Boat


Boats are a wonderful past time to have, but boating can be expensive if you do not maintain the boat and use the right replacement parts when you need something for your boats. Buying the parts or accessories for your boat at a marine dealer is important, as other sources of parts may not last in your boat.

Finding a Marine Dealer

When you are looking for parts for your boat, it is important to find a marine dealer that you can work with. A quick search of the internet will help and if you do not have a local shop, you may find one online that will ship parts to you if you need them to. Some of the large chain marine stores will ship just about anything they sell, including large items like outboard motors and canoes. 

Replacement Parts

If you have a local marine dealer in your area, going in and talking to the folks running the business can be helpful when you are not sure what you need for your boat. They can often help you pick the right part and figure out the problem that you are having. In most cases, the people that work in a marine parts store are there because they enjoy boating and have experience with it.

Understanding what the parts do on the boat, and which ones are the best quality, can really make a difference when you are shopping for replacement parts. If you don't know what something does, the person at the parts counter can explain it and make a recommendation about what to buy. 

Marine Accessories

When you are buying add-ons or accessories for your boat, it is important that the products are built to withstand the water and marine environment. If you use your boat in salt water, it is that much more critical that you use parts that will not easily corrode or rust. Steel is okay to use, but you have to seal it with a marine grade paint to keep the salt and moisture off it. Aluminum and brass are commonly used in the marine industries because they stand up well to the weather and salt. 

If steel is used, galvanizing it is pretty common as well. This is particularly useful for trailers that are driven into and out of the water at a boat ramp every weekend. You can use painted metals for trailers, but you will need to scrape and repaint them if you have any chipping or peeling of the paint, otherwise the water will get in behind the paint where you can't see the damage. 


23 June 2019

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